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NAVA Communication wing has already made effective presence in the NGO circles. Video cassettes and audio cassettes for NGO use, relevant for training programmes and general awareness, have been produced. These are developed mainly through cultural workshops jointly organised with alliance groups. It has developed good number of cultural items based on traditional folk form on contemporary issue.

NAVA team has over the years developed a good number of audio cassettes which are used as an important tool for social motivation by a large number of NGO goups. These are developed normally during specially organised workshops wherein the participants discuss each issue, then the lyrics are prepared and appropriate tunes are added.


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Sahaj Gaan (Simple Songs)
Sahaj Gaan (Simple Songs) is a collection of Bengali songs on social issues produced by NAVA Communication team. It is available with a Booklet narrating each issue covered in the CD, lyrics and group-exercises suggested. This is widely used by NGO for their NFE classes, awareness camps and training programmes.
Wapas Aao Masiha (Come Saviour)
Wapas Aao Masiha (Come Saviour) Hindi audio cassette of 8 hindi songs. The melodious numbers in this cassette, rendered by the friends of NAVA and recorded at our own audio studio, were appreciated by one and all. The cassette is quite popular especially among the younger generation.
Kahan Ho Masiha (Where are you, oh Saviour)
Kahan Ho Masiha (Where are you, oh Saviour) is a sequel to the above cassette which has 7 hindi songs on moral themes recorded similarly at our own studio and prepared by our members.
Audio- Cassettes (Oriya Language)
Samaj Geeta (Social Songs)
Samaj Geeta (Social Songs) is a 45 minute Bengali cassette which has 10 songs produced in co-operation with YSC,Orissa on themes like people's organisations ,environment,savings etc. Set in popular tunes and an excellent musical accompaniment, these songs have already gained appreciation from various training groups. It has a song booklet for issue orientation, explicating each song.
Asha Geet (Songs of Hope)
Asha Geet (Songs of Hope) is in Oriya which has eleven songs, and, covers issues like women, illiteracy, organisatiion, human values etc. The presentation contained 8 songs composed by Swadhina Orissa Staff members depicting various social awareness issues. The cassette was prepared during a five day workshop held in April in Bhubaneswar. Three months later the songs were reccorded at Calcutta.
Madhura Bhajana (Sweet Music)
Madhura Bhajana (Sweet Music) is an oriya melodious set of 9 songs on moral issues tuned as a fusion between tradition and modernity. Oriya Bhajan workshop was held at the Calcutta office for Swadhina. This programme was conducted by Sri Diptendu Mukherji of NAVA who composed the tunes for the bhajans. After this the group went to a local studio for recording the songs. In all 9 participants attended the programme.
Pheri Paichhi (Found It)
Pheri Paichhi (Found It) is a collection of 3 short drama namely "jey paanchey para manda" , "gaachha" and "pheri paichhi" produced and acted by Swadhina field staff members. The three drama covers three subjects respectively- dowry, alcoholism and de-forestation. This cassette is played through Swadhina village groups regularly through loud-speakers during weekly markets for creating mass awareness on this social evils.
Audio-Cassettes (English Language)
Cry Peace
Cry Peace is in English which contains ten songs. This was brought out on the occasion of the triennial conference of WRI- War Resisters International of which Swadhina is an affiliate. The cassette was prepared during a three day workshop. This was released at Geneva, Switzerland by Ms. Aruna Gnanadason, Secretary Women's Desk, World Council of Churches when she was presented the first copy by Ms. Saswati Roy, Secretary of Swadhina, Calcutta.
Video Communications
NAVA produced a good number of short video-film on social issues in various languages, some of them are available at the youtube.
Al-Padhao (Let us Educate)
Al-Padhao (Let us Educate): It is a Santhali tribal language short-video film, created as a result of a communication workshop and the entire cast face the camera for the first time! This is a story about a girl who, against her own wish, placed to marriage . But as destined, the marriage did not take place due to heavy dowry demand. The girl now determined goes for higher studies and ended up becoming a doctor, marry a fellow doctor and eventually establish a large hospital in her own village ! Thus, it is a film about the importance of women’s literacy as well as women’s empowerment. It is prepared for EU-Swadhina empowerment project.
Bipanna Basundhara ( Endangered Ecology)
Bipanna Basundhara (Endangered Ecology) : It is a Bengali short-video film on environment degradation due to greed of some. It shows how our mother earth is in danger . The greed of the people raping mother our earth . The ultimate result of its natural calamities like draught flood etc.
Changing Life & Living
Changing Life & Living is an English video-film, a narrative on the EU-Swadhina Women’s Empowerment Project taken up by Swadhina in Jharkhand and it presents live situations on the activities of the project filmed for 3 long years.
Journey is an English video-film on Women’s Land Rights based on the project experience of Swadhina supported by ILC- International Land Coalition. This was sponsored by UNOPS/Universitus.
Uttaradhikar (The Heir)
Uttaradhikar (The Heir) is a Bengali short video-film about torture on women. A young widow was termed as a witch by her inlaws just to grab her land - a common practice still in place to deprive women their property rights. The woman never relents and eventally overcome. She prepared her only daughter as a strong educated person who come up in life with colours.This simple story is immensely popular in village area and this filim is widely used for women’s awareness on land rights meets.
Nisha (The Alcoholic)

Nisha (The Alcoholic): It is a santhali short film. This is an all women acted film participated by Swadhina Midnapur women’s group. An alcoholic spent the money meant for medicines for his ailing son lying in the hospital. The doctor in his own method cured both- the son and the father. The father vowed not to touch the liquor in future.

Vanashree: It is simple story to depict the power of natural resources as well as the constant attempt by business , middile man etc to usurp the forest land. It shows how a rich man wanted to grab the land full of natural resources by his money power.He intended to grab the land of an single women who canvesed for herbal and natural care .This he wanted to do labelling her a witch .He mobilized villagers against her. The film has an interesting twist to the tale where this entire planning and execution is actually in the dreams of the person while being sick. Once awake from the dream the man realize his folly and donates to the cause of the women to build a Ayurvedic Hospital and Herbal Farm. Though in the film it was a dream of a person but in reality this is what is happening in our everyday life
Zindagi Zindagi
Zindagi Zindagi: This short films deals with issues of dowry .It shows how domestic peace is terminated by greed of the people .It tells how a women is treated brutally at in laws house due to non payble of dowry .The massage was very clearly said that life is more than dowry. Dowry is a social crime .We have to fight against it and stop it for a better future
Life Life
Life Life: It talks about caste/ langauge discrimination and dowry.It talks about a young couple from different socio economic back ground who face opposition for marriage from the groom’s family due to difference as well as for dowry .Incidentaly the girl who is a doctor saves the groom’s father and give him a fresh lease of life. The grooms father understands his mistake and is repentant
Samay Ek Khela Ghara

Samay Ek Khela Ghara: This is a very impressive film at this hour. It shows corruption , nexus of the high officials , plan to grab land to oust the poor bustee people and finally obvious end of it. It depicted how a person becomes corrupted and how he started seeing the world .He falls in to the trap of modern evils .He even not hesitate to plan for the killing people. Finally he faced the consequences. He became repentant of his misdoing

IEC Materials
  Sahaj Boi (Simple Learning Book): It is a Bengali primer developed by NAVA team which is visually easy to learn. The medhod is simple- only visually similar 5 alphabets are taken up first, and then a set of another 5 and the system is followed. This is being successfully used as a time-tested method through which a learner can learn in a very short span of time. This is being used in many NFE centres, Early Child Education centres, Pre-primary centres.
English Primer
English Primer: It is a large size (6’x3’) easy to read Flex Primer which starts with similar looking alphabets I L T F E T H, meaning using only the straight lines.
Hindi Primer
Hindi Primer: Hindi primer starts with easy to write alphabets. Leaner also starts to make sentences from the begining. This is a set of 4 flex primers – size 6’x3’.
Nutrition Awareness Flash Cards: Vegetables
Nutrition Awareness Flash Cards: Vegetables It is a set of 12 Flash Cards which explains about 12 different locally available vegetable, low cost nutrition options.
Nutrition Awareness Flash Cards: Fruits
Nutrition Awareness Flash Cards: Fruits It is a set of 14 flash cards on low-cost locally available fruits.
Women’s Empowerment Discussion Posters
Women’s Empowerment Discussion Posters It is a set of 6 large size discussion flex-poster on women’s empowerment.
Forest Resources Discussion Posters
Forest Resources Discussion Posters It is a set of 8 large size discussion flex-poster on Forest Rights to use forest resources.


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